Recycling and dismantling cars

site Van den Mosselaar car partsEverything started with "Frans van den Mosselaar Autorecycling en Autodemontage B.V." (freely translated: "Frans van den Mosselaar Car Recycling and Car Dismantling"). Since the first car entered the premises (in 1966) the business was booming. His clever way of dismantling, reusing parts and destroying leftover car frames was/is very successful.

Nowadays this sons lead this organization. Still with great success. Although this Dutch company is settled in a small village called Dongen (The Netherlands, Europe) they are still growing annually.

In 2009 they processed over 9,500 cars and car wrecks (that is about 190 cars a week!). In total the car recycling and car dismantling department delivered over 1,2 million parts worldwide. Car parts get a second change to start a new life anywhere in the world!

More information: www.mosselaar-carparts.com


 Collecting everything on wheels

site Frans van den MosselaarFrans van den Mosselaar is a collector of about everything on wheels. As he travelled around the world he collected unique classic automobiles, motor cycles, army vehicles and trucks.

Besides that Frans own thousands of miniature trucks. The best ones are prototypes and "one of a kind" types. Unfortunately it´s only open for friends and good business relations.

More information: www.fransvandenmosselaar.nl




 Less waste, more profit

site CRS EeuropeFortunately "the world" is getting some interest in recycling. Already in 1989 Car Recycling Systems (CRS), the third company of Frans van den Mosselaar, developed a magnificent car dismantling system. Main targets: reduce waste, contribute to a cleaner environment, give parts a second chance, business improvement and from an entrepreneurial point: boost profits.

CRS provides car dismantling systems all over the world. The 18-year old Dutch invention created an enormous market worldwide. Even after 18 years the CRS turnover is remarkable.

Frans is now almost 65 years old. To make a large gesture to people with a "green heart" the patent (in Holland we call in an 'octrooi') will be for sale later this year. With 7 years remaing, the patent can give the new owner a major advantage.

More information: http://www.crs-europe.com (regular site)

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