While CRS is busy selling its patent for America and Europe we now are coping with an unforeseen side effect. Several parties are interested in the Car Dismantling System itself.

Until the patent is sold CRS will also sell individual dismantling lines!

So please contact us if you are interested in the Car Dismantling System instead of the patent.


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financial benefits

Financial benefits because…

  • Every dismantled car leaves about 700kg (1500Lbs) of metal which can be sold.
  • Very low DCC (dismantling costs per car).
  • Type by type dismantling provides maximum output of sorted materials which
    can be sold seperately.
  • Reusable parts can be sold.



environmental benefitsEnvironment benefits because…

  • It saves energy if parts can be reused instead of newly manufactured.
  • Reduction of unnecessary environmental damage because car wrecks are dismantled and not shredded (included pieces of rubber, plastic, textile, oils, etc.).
  • Less conservations of natural resources because cars turn into new raw materials instead of a piece of baled scrap.
  • Proactive way to contribute to the environment and new Government policies.



competitive advantageCompetitive advantage because…

  • High volume processing. Up to 10,000 cars a year!
  • Large scale dismantling so separated materials can be marketed as raw materials.
  • Compartmental setup so the operator(s) at each station can work fast and efficient.
  • Continues transport system to keep the CRS line full. In case an unexpected delay, 4 waiting stations (spread between the workstations) can be used as a buffer.
  • Patents have been issued for the working method and the machine in Europe and the United States. The complete system complies with CE standards.


employee benefitsEmployees benefit because…

  • Safe removal of hazardous substances (like mercury, oil, etc.) so they aren’t crushed between the metals.
  • Labor friendly working environment because the CRS line is build around the human instead of the other way around. No more bending, stretching and crawling!
  • Top quality Dutch tools can be provided so the job gets easier.
  • Safety first! Smart positioning of cars provide safe working conditions. Motivation increases and the number of accidents go down.


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