car recycling patent 4 sale for USA and EuropeCar Recycling Systems B.V. offers a unique chance to create a competitive advantage.

Car Recycling Systems (CRS) is the inventor of the ultimate Car Dismantling System. It is a large scale dismantling system to dismantle up to 10,000 cars a year (200 a week). It is both a smart way of working in a specific order as it provides the right tools for the right job. It’s like a reversed car assembly line. People laughed a Henri Ford’s T-Ford assembly line over a hundred years ago. Today it is the car industry’s standard!

It has never been easier, cheaper and faster to dismantle a car and recycle the parts. CRS proves that financial benefits and saving the environment go along very well. The Car Dismantling System gave CRS an competitive advantage for the last 20 years. They are Holland’s largest car dismantling and recycling company.

The buyer of this patent is has the full rights to sell and/or manufacture these car dismantling lines in North America for a onetime fee. Call us for more information.

Potential market. Americans own more than 240 million cars! If they can be dismantled using the most efficient and most environmental friendly possible way (CRS line) every 15 year (assuming this is the average life time of a car) it takes 1,600 CRS lines to do the job. So this patent is really worth buying!

Details of this patent can be found at: or download it.



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